Crypto Glossary

Hello Myners! We’re back with a new list of terms to learn from the crypto vocabulary.


Crypto minting is the process of creating new coins on the blockchain by using computation to validate data, build new blocks, and store data there.

Typically, the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus process is used for cryptocurrency minting.


Metadata, to put it simply, is a collection of data that describes other data.

The name, total supply, and transaction history of your NFT can all be described in its metadata. Understanding how to read an NFT’s information will assist holders in better comprehending what they are truly buying. Metadata is a crucial part of every NFT.

Fractional ownership

An investment strategy called fractional ownership enables the cost of an asset to be divided among various shareholders. These shareholders split the asset’s advantages, including usage rights, income sharing, first access, and discounted prices. The advantages fractional owners enjoy are on par with those of timeshare owners.

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