Itsmyne x SupraOracles Partnership Announcement

NFT Labs
2 min readMar 9, 2022


NFT Labs enters into a strategic partnership with SupraOracles for it’s core product, Itsmyne

NFT Labs is the developer of Itsmyne, a mobile and web-based social-plus marketplace for officially licensed sports NFTs. Itsmyne enables NFT enthusiasts and sports fans to “talk NFTs, trade NFTs”. Itsmyne is a cross-chain product and to provide additional liquidity to the NFTs available on its marketplace, SupraOracles’ NFT bridging solution would be a useful integration. This cross-bridging functionality will result in a win-win situation;

· The sports brands whose NFTs get listed on Itsmyne get access to multiple communities across chains

· Collectors of the NFTs benefit from additional liquidity on the assets as well as arbitrage opportunities

· The blockchains involved in the bridges benefit from additional NFT volumes and potential community growth

Supra is a high throughput layer 1 with native oracles and bridged smart-contract-triggers to create an automated network able to have cross data feeds between private DLTs, public blockchains and traditional legacy infrastructures that can triangulate read/write and query functions to either of the other two.

About Itsmyne and NFT Labs:

NFT Labs is a disruptive technology startup in the digital collectibles space backed by leading blockchain institutions including Longhash Ventures, Antler, Oracles Investment Group, and Shima Capital among others.

NFT Labs is also the issuer of the MYNE token ($MYNE), a BEP-20 utility token for Itsmyne and partner applications. MYNE serves as the gateway between traditional social media and blockchain-based social economies.

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About SupraOracles:

The crux of SupraOracles’ innovative breakthroughs have been achieved through our novel

nested multi-helix node architecture of “Tribes” and “Clans” which allows for parallel processing by leveraging powerful cryptographic primitives, such as threshold cryptography, next gen distributed key generation, and random sampling. To date, there is no other consensus algorithm that provides more security against node collusion which historically, as you know, has caused cataclysmic liquidations of assets on chain. We collectively believe that we have finally solved the oracle dilemma.

Testing metrics suggest; an original GoLang testnet was launched in 2020 with 600 nodes in 10 countries globally distributed averaging 60 nodes per 600K transactions. As of 2021, optimizations have been implemented that now conduct sub 2 second finalty at peak throughput and no more than 5 seconds at its slowest, 600 ms blocktimes, and 100–150K TPS. If that’s not compelling enough, our nodes can be run on a desktop CPU with considerably less energy requirements per rewards.

Think of Supra as having all the features of Solana+Avalanche, FileCoin, Hedera Hashgraph, The Graph and Chainlink all on one supercharged novel L1 designed for performance, scalability, security, and finality.