Most Expensive Sports NFTs

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3 min readSep 2, 2021


Irreplaceable tokens or NFTs are becoming one of the fastest growing collectibles in the field of blockchain technology.
Generally, it can take many forms, such as photos, collections, clips, and so on. For sports enthusiasts, some famous NFTs are considered the Holy Grail. Regardless, these are some of the most expensive NFTs that sports fans can buy.

Top 10 Most Valuable Sports-Related NFTs
From the Stadium Talk report on sports NFTs, the most expensive NFTs in sports come from various sports including basketball, baseball, and boxing.
For some people, they may be a simple visual effect, but diehard collectors and fans can buy them at incredible prices.

10. Mookie Betts ($ 2.05 million)
In recent years, the price of Bett’s digital tokens has been increasing.
The Dodgers’ All-Star outfielder has expensive souvenirs even for sports fans. His expensive NFT is where he wears the Boston Red Sox uniform.
When they won the World Series three years ago, this was the team’s iconic game.

9. Action Jacksons Sports Card ($ 2.08 million)
Reggie Jackson’s sports memorabilia card is now worth $ 2.08 million. Baseball fans can now take it home so they can enjoy the iconic JacksonsOfAllTrades logo of a baseball legend.

8. Aaron Judge Legendary ($ 2.129 million)
In the last three years, the value of Aaron Judge’s chip has skyrocketed. What we could have asked for is the World Series champ of the New York Yankees.

7. Alex Morgan Legendary ($ 2.129 million)
Morgan is the only female athlete on the list of the most expensive sports-related NFTs. Fans won’t forget how Alex made sports a popular area for women. She has left a lasting impact in the women’s soccer industry.

6. Nifty Doge Low Tayl0r.WFT ($ 2.1 million)
This pixelated image appears to be abstract art, but according to, the artist behind this NFT, it is a digital shoe. In addition to Doge Low, the creator has another work of art that sells for up to $ 9.2 million.

5. The rare Diego Maradona 2020–21 ($ 4.3 million)
Diego Maradona broke the hearts of many fans after him and died in November of last year. Since then, the value of your NFT card has grown rapidly. This rare card was the one where he was coaching for the Gimnasia de la Plata.

4. Michael Jordan SportPunk (US $ 5.06 million)
This NFT cryptographic art from Larva Labs has been included in the list of the most expensive sports tokens.
According to the creator, only 100 were created. Buying this 8-bit NFT also means buying its commercial rights.

3. Jermall Charlo: Lions Only GOLD ULTIMATE ($19.1 million)
On the NFT signed card, Charlo made an unforgettable posture when he won the WBC Middleweight World Championship. He knocked down Dennis Hogan twice in their 2019 game.

2. MLB champion Brett Gardner ($21.28 million)
This blockchain game has been operating under MLB.
Brett Gardner’s in-game statistics will determine his price for this virtual character. This sporty NFT is a must-buy choice for Yankees fans, who want to cherish Gardner on and off the court.

1. Statue of LeBron ($21.6 million)
Kimani Okearah took this memorable photo of LeBron James’ Tomahawk dunk on February 1st last year.
Later, the image became the official sports NFT. If you buy this NFT, you will get a deal with the four-time NBA champion. Recently, Toronto-based NFT photographer Gabriel Di Sante sold LeBron’s exclusive photos for $555.

The whopping price tags on these NFTs have a lot to say about the potential this sector has. Although these prices might seem unreasonable to some, it sure sounds pleasing to the ears of investors and hardcore sports fans for whom price is just a number when it comes to showing off their love for their favourite players and teams.