NFT Labs partners with Awign to scale metaverse engagement solutions

NFT Labs
3 min readDec 9, 2022

NFT Labs (Singapore) is excited to announce its partnership with Awign (Bangalore) to support engagement on and management of metaverse experiences built by NFT Labs via Metamyne.

Via Metamyne, NFT Labs implements turnkey metaverse-based experiences, including games, on all major decentralized metaverses including Decentraland, The Sandbox, Somnium Space, and Crypto Voxels. Metamyne also supports major centralized metaverses such as Roblox.

This partnership between NFT Labs and Awign aims to horizontally scale metaverse solutions by expanding beyond experience creation to experience management, plot/event engagement, metaverse-based support services and more.

The resultant solution stack is the world’s most comprehensive metaverse studio, capable of adding unparalleled value to the world’s largest brands, agencies and institutions seeking to build in the metaverse.

The new jointly-developed solution stack now includes:

  • Metaverse strategy and architecture
  • Metaverse plot selection and acquisition (short-term as well as long-term and permanent) and brokering of plot transfers
  • Metaverse tokens’ custody
  • Metaverse-based game design and development
  • Metaverse event management, storefront management, tour guidance, customer support and related functions via real humans
  • Metaverse plot, game and event management via real humans (without using bots)

This partnership is a strategic win for both organizations; NFT Labs works with the largest names in sports and pop culture to build unique metaverse experiences and is the pioneer of metaRPGs (metaverse-based role-playing games).

Awign is a global leader in leveraging communities of trained gig workers to perform tasks online and offline in an outcome-based, managed service model for organizations. Awign’s gig workers have successfully completed over 25 million tasks till date.

About NFT Labs

NFT Labs is a web3 company exploring big ideas in community, utility and engagement to push the crypto, NFT and metaverse space forward. We use the power of play to deliver the world’s most fun and intuitive NFT-based and metaverse experiences, via its suite of products:

Itsmyne: Itsmyne is a social-plus marketplace for officially-licensed sports NFTs. Everyone can “talk NFTs, trade NFTs”, regardless of their blockchain experience. Itsmyne is available as a web app and is coming soon as an iOS and Android app.

Mywin: Collect NFTs from your favorite teams during live games and win sports memorabilia. On non-game days, use the NFTs to play fantasy games to win exciting daily prizes!

Metamyne: This provides everything you need to successfully build in the metaverse. Try our NFT-based play-to-win metaverse games, shopping experiences and more.

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About Awign

Founded in 2016, Awign offers on-demand work fulfilment services through a community of about one million gig partners. The company helps enterprises run their businesses by solving end-to-end outcome-based execution along with discovery, deployment, fulfilment, and payroll management.

Awign works with enterprises to take up intricate work across the service lines of auditing, diligence, assessments, proctoring, last-mile delivery, new business development, and digital gigs, which have to be done in distributed locations PAN India at a large scale. They break it down into more uni-skill tasks and get them done — end to end — through highly trained gig workers who go on the ground and complete tasks in 400 cities PAN India. On the other hand, they also manage the job cycle for gig workers end to end, starting from selecting correct gig workers to training them and getting them to complete tasks in the required quality in their locality. Awign also bills their enterprise customers only on the outcomes we get and not on the manhours.

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