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2 min readAug 5, 2022


Prestigious Web3 City Miami is launching 5,000 NFTs 16

Miami, the Florida metropolis paving the way for Web3 innovations, will soon release a 5,000 NFT collection in collaboration with Time USA, Mastercard, and Salesforce.

The NFTs from the collection are being curated by 56 different Miami-based artists to symbolize the city’s 56 square mile territory. They are scheduled for release in December of this year and are made to enable owners to have access to special experiences. As of right now, Mayor Francis X. Suarez of the city, who supports blockchain technology, has only made this specific information about the assets’ properties available.

Time USA will assist in developing the city’s NFT strategy through the program, while Mastercard will provide Miami NFT holders with exclusive perks including priority seating at restaurants and private cultural tours of the city. Salesforce will take care of the minting and initial sales of the NFTs using its brand-new and upcoming NFT Cloud platform.

As many people are aware, this is not the city’s (or Suarez’s) first Web3 endeavor; earlier, MiamiCoin (MIA), an alternative token that the city would retain in a wallet and allow others to purchase, was introduced. The coin launched in August of last year and brought in about $8 million in its first two months of operation. At the moment, it has declined by 98.9% from its peak.

Since then, the majority of the city’s MIA has been locked up or staked in order to generate a Bitcoin dividend, which will be distributed among its citizens.

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