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2 min readDec 14, 2022

Starbucks introduces the Odyssey NFT rewards program

Starbucks has introduced a new NFT rewards program. The Starbucks Odyssey program blends existing loyalty awards with NFTs to provide customers with new incentives and rewards.

Starbucks has partnered with a web3-powered universal loyalty platform based in Seattle. As the next-generation Starbucks experience progresses towards Web3, the program’s beta test rollout has been presented to a small set of reward members and staff.

Starbucks Odyssey members will be able to participate in interactive ‘journeys’ to Starbucks roasteries and coffee plantations in Costa Rica to learn about the company’s history.

After completing a voyage, Starbucks Odyssey members will earn an NFT dubbed ‘Journey Stamps’ and ‘Odyssey Points,’ both of which will grant holders additional perks and more immersive experiences.

The beta test participants will contribute data to Starbucks and its partner to assist the revolutionary Web3 rewards program to improve and define the future of the Odyssey experience.

Starbucks Odyssey will soon include a marketplace where members can buy and trade limited-edition NFTs, and unlike other NFT programs, Starbucks members will not need to hold a crypto wallet to purchase them.

The foray into Web3 and the NFT space, in addition to introducing customizable drinks, is critical to Starbucks’ strategy to convert its younger customers into Starbucks Rewards members. Gen Z accounts for a sizable section of its consumer base, and it is well-known that many of them have opted out of the historical rewards program.

Starbucks CMO Brady Brewer stated of the NFT launch, ‘Starbucks has a history of leveraging emerging technology to innovate on behalf of our customers and making it simply accessible and approachable for the mainstream.’

‘Starbucks Rewards members are some of our most devoted and engaged customers, and Starbucks Odyssey is our next big loyalty innovation to acknowledge, surprise, and excite them,’ Brewer added.

Starbucks may be one of the world’s largest corporations, but there’s little chance it’s resting on its laurels. The Seattle-based coffee company continues to innovate, from lattes to personalized drinks, and now from rewards points to NFTs.

Starbucks’ voyage will undoubtedly develop as the globe progresses toward Web3 and NFTs, and the beneficiaries will be its dedicated customers.

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